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Used as flexible pipelines for delivering of liquids, saturated steam, gases and dry materials under pressure.
Work environment:
Class B (1) - benzine, kerosene, oils;
Class W (II) - technical water, solutions of non-organic acids and alkalis with concentration up to 20% (except nitric);
Class WH (III) - hot water up to +100°C;
Class G (IV) - air, carbonic gas, nitrogen, noble gases;
Class P (VII) - for delivering of eatables;
Class Sh (VIII) - for delivering of weak alkali and weak acid solutions for plastering and house-painting;
Class Par-1 (X) - for delivering of saturated steam with temperature up to +143°C;
Class Par-2 (X) - for delivering of saturated steam with temperature up to +175°C.

Work pressure is up to 1,0 MPa :
Class Par-1 (X) -0,3 МPа;
Class Par-2 (Х)-0,8 МPа.

Inside diameter is from 16 to 50 mm, 160 mm.
Efficiency at temperature:
Class B (I) from -35°C up to +70°С;
Class W (II ) and P( VII) up to +50°С;
Class ВГ (III) up to +100°С;
Class G(IV) и Sh(VIII) from -35°C up to +50°С;
Class Par-1 (X) up to +143°С;
Class Par-2 (X) up to +175°С;

Hose length is up to 20 m.
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